Reading the Old German Handwriting Online Course ($319)



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What if you had the power to decipher your ancestors’ documents all by yourself? What if those scribbles on your ancestors’ church records actually meant something to you?

I’ll tell you what: You can, and they will!

Have you finally found your ancestors’ German documents, but can’t read that tricky German handwriting? Or perhaps you can recognize some of the words, but you’d like to improve your skills and increase your reading speed. Either way, this course is for you! Designed as the ultimate guide for reading the old German script, this course is self-paced and starts with the basics – learning the individual letters of the alphabet – and culminates in reading entire genealogical records – vital records, church records, and more.

A Style of Learning for All: Video Lectures – Flashcards – Matching Games – Reading – Writing – Tests & Quizzes – Practice Records – Discussion Forum

Once you enroll, you’ll receive:

  • In-Depth Look at the Individual Letters of the Alphabet + Tricks on How to Recognize Them
  • Guide to Common Letter Combinations in the German Script + How to Sightread Them
  • Practice Section on Deciphering Short Words from Actual Genealogical Documents
  • Deep Dive into the Vocabulary on German Records, such as:
    • Names
    • Months
    • Abbreviations
    • Milestone Words
    • Occupations
    • Causes of Death
  • Practice Section on Deciphering These Words from Actual Genealogical Documents
  • Lessons on Reading Specific Genealogical Records (Videos and Text)
  • Actual Genealogical Records to Decipher + Answer Keys
  • Downloadable Articles on the Best Tips and Tricks for Reading the Old German Handwriting
  • Discussion Forum to Discuss Struggles and Victories with Fellow “Classmates”

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