German Handwriting Workshop – Saturday, May 22, 2021


Are you working with your German ancestors’ documents? Feeling overwhelmed with that spidery German handwriting? Or maybe you are starting to get the hang of the script, but want to be more confident as you continue?

If so, come join us for The German Handwriting Workshop on Saturday, May 22, 2021. In this three-hour workshop, handwriting expert Katherine Schober will walk you through every letter of the “Kurrentschrift” alphabet, teaching you fun tips and tricks to be able to recognize each letter on your own. You’ll also learn to sight read common combinations of letters that appear in the old German script, as well as recognize some of the most frequently-appearing words on your German genealogy records. And best yet, at the end of the workshop, attendees may show difficult words from their own genealogy documents for deciphering!**

Be ready for fun, games, and newly-found skill in deciphering your German records!

Cost: $97.00