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I love SK Translations!: “You never know when you sign up for a subscription if you’ll get your money’s worth.  I met Katherine at a conference and was impressed, so when I saw she was starting the subscription I signed up immediately.  She makes it worthwhile from the start with the freebies, of course.  But much more than that, her weekly hour chats with us on Facebook – helping us translate – is invaluable.  Not only that, but she also provides links to other resources  that will make it easier for us to translate documents on our own. So, not only translating our problem, but educating us, too.  She has provided monthly articles on some aspect of translation or German research that are invaluable.  I could go on and on.  Thank you, Katherine!” – Sandra B., Premium Member

“As a German researcher, deciphering the German script can be a challenge. SK Translation’s premium service offers the ability to obtain a second set of eyes for those hard-to-read words. This can be an invaluable help as can seeing the words and documents that other Premium members are struggling with.” – Debra H., Premium Member

“The premium service offered at SK Translations is exceptional.  The prompt and direct responses from Katherine have made this deal an outstanding package and I couldn’t be happier with the results.” – Mark H., Premium Member 

I met Katherine at a genealogy conference and bought her book, since I have many German ancestors and really struggle with German records I can’t read. Before leaving the conference, I emailed her and asked her to take me on as a client to help translate an ancestor’s marriage record in German script. She did a great job. When she offered her premium membership, I immediately signed up and have enjoyed her monthly articles on German records. She provides many helpful tips on how to translate and read German script. Her premium membership is well worth it! – Kathy S., Premium Member

Before joining SK Translations Premium membership, I had struggled with reading and understanding certain words in the church records of my Swiss ancestors. I wasn’t sure about joining because I live in Australia and the time difference is such that I would not be able to participate in the Ask the Translator Hour. However, Katherine has overcome this difficulty as I am able to post my query ahead of time. This has led to some wonderful breakthroughs in my research! I’m so grateful for this help, for the links Katherine provides (which have been invaluable) and the bonus monthly articles. Premium membership is certainly great value for money! – Lis D., Premium Member