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I offer 1 hour presentations, all-day lectures, webinars, and workshops for genealogy groups on the following topics:

Tips and Tricks of Deciphering German Handwriting – Introductory lecture for deciphering records in the elusive German script.

Tips and Tricks of Deciphering German Handwriting for the Intermediate – Advanced Student – Lecture for those who have already had some exposure to the old German handwriting and are looking to increase their skills.

The Magic of German Church Records – Learn  to extract the information you need from those valuable German church records.

Help! I Don’t Speak the Language: Tips and Tricks for Deciphering Foreign Language Records -Learn the must-know tips and tricks that will make reading those foreign-language genealogical records much easier. From Microsoft Word hacks to invaluable online resources, discover the tools you need to make translating those foreign records much simpler – and much more fun.

A Wealth of Websites: Deciphering the German Script Made Easy: Learn the top tools and resources the Internet has to offer to make deciphering the German handwriting easier.

From the Cradle to the Grave: Extracting Information From German Vital Records: German vital records (post-1876) offer a wealth of information.  Learn how to extract the information you need from these documents – without having to decipher every word.

Journey into German Genealogy – Useful tips and tricks for those getting started in German genealogy research. Tips on finding and using the multitude of records available online and in print to track down your ancestors in America and across the pond.

Deciphering the German Handwriting Workshop: In-depth workshop for small groups on learning to work with the German handwriting in genealogical documents.

Other topics may be available upon request.

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your genealogy group, contact me here. Lecture fees available upon request. If cost is an issue for your group, webinars are also available.

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Anonymous Reviews from “The Magic of German Church Records”, RootsTech 2019:

“Best German presentation I have ever attended.”

“Amazing!!!!! Well spoken and a wealth of knowledge.”

“Awesome. Engaging. Funny. Smart. Best speaker of the day.”

“Katherine’s presentation was ultimately the most informative of all the sessions I’ve been to today! I’ve been struggling with being able to decipher all the German records that I’ve been looking at, and now I understand many of the words & abbreviations of those words!”

“Great presenter. Made a very difficult concept fun. Great resources and tips too.”

“She was engaging in her presentation; very knowledgable about her topic, easy to follow, gave a lot of good information and examples. She has been my favorite speaker for Wednesday and Thursday.”

“Best descriptive how to class yet. Katherine is a brilliant speaker.”

“She’s an awesome teacher about a difficult subject. I only wish she could have given an advanced class.”

“Katherine is one of the BEST presenters!!!”

“Excellent presenter, super helpful info. Entertaining and informative. Loved the examples. Loved the “test” at the end.”

“Captivating, knowledgeable, FULL of useful information”

“She knew her topic and presented it in a manner I could understand. Her presentation was above and beyond my expectations.”

“Very knowledgeable and engaging with audience. Provided great specific information that is useful for my research.”

“Great communication skills, engaging and went over important details and info. Slides were excellent.”

“Presentation cohesive, concise and constructive. As well as comedic to keep interest.”

“5 stars! Zher Gut! Absolutely the best session so far I have attended.”

Review of Tips and Tricks of Deciphering German Handwriting, San Diego, California:

“If you are looking for a presenter for an upcoming meeting for your genealogical society, Katherine Schober is an excellent choice.  She spoke to our German Interest Group on the subject of “Tips and Tricks of Deciphering Old German Handwriting.”  Her material was top notch and her visuals were well done.  She presented in such a way as to engage both the beginners and the more advanced German researchers in our group.  The feedback from our German Interest Group members has been very positive.  Katherine was a delightful guest speaker.”             — Amy Chidester, SDGS German Interest Group Chair

Review of Journey into German Genealogy, Andover, Massachusetts:

“Katherine presented an engaging program about researching German ancestry at the public library in Andover, MA.  She drew a large crowd and held their attention with her deep knowledge of German history and  culture.  Her genuine enthusiasm for researching German ancestry and deciphering old handwritten German documents is what made her presentation so enjoyable. I’ve had several patrons request that I invite her back.”  — Stephanie Aude, Genealogy and Local History Librarian, Memorial Hall Library, Andover, Massachusetts

Review of Journey into German Genealogy, Denver, Colorado:

“Katherine’s advice on websites and other resources for getting started in German genealogy was straightforward and very helpful in targeting the most useful places to begin your search.  Likewise, she provided numerous tips, tricks and shortcuts for deciphering that difficult German handwriting with lots of instructive class exercises.”  — Gina, Colorado Palatines to America, Denver, Colorado 

Review of Journey into German Genealogy, Online:

“With a lack of robust German census records available to most researchers, it’s nice to take a look at alternative records. Genealogy researcher and translator Katherine Schober has uploaded a fantastic video appropriate for beginning and intermediate genealogists online for free. She’s a great presenter, and I hope she updates her YouTube page with more videos in the future!” – Fountaindale Public LIbrary, on video upload of “Journey into German Genealogy” Presentation